Subscription Info

A.K.A Paid features.

Nagbook is a free to join and use site, but it does have some services that are paid!

This site has not yet completed set up, so this is a preliminary list of POSSIBLE features

  • Site sponsorship (Gets you all paid features and includes exclusive advertising).
  • In site shop. A Place to advertise items for sale within your profile, in a grid format.
  • Subdomain website. Gets you the in site shop, and a simple website as a subdomain e.g.
  • Managed subdomain website. As above but dynamic content such as product adverts can be added for you.
  • Full Site. Your own address, email addresses, and SSL. In adition to Managed subdomain above.

These will have varying monthly subscriptions, at the moment these haven't been calculated and are open to offers.

It should be noted that these will be on a month by month contract, the first payment will most likely include a setup fee

You will have the option to cancel at anytime; however, you will lose any payment already made for the current month.