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A free to join social site where you are free to discuss all things horse related. Post photos, YouTube videos, things for sale.

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Nagbook was made when a certain popular social networking site made it difficult for people wanting to not only sell but discuss the sale of Animals (Horses in this case). This is by no means a clone of that site and is very limited by comparison; however, I am working to add new features, but I am a team of one with no financial backing, this is done using my time, money, and effort.

Nagbook Messaging

Nagbook has realtime messaging, over an encrypted connection. Don't worry if you're not online, your messages will be waiting for you next time you login.

Nagbook Posts

With Nagbook you are able to make posts, as you would expect with pictures, youtube videos, and of course text. You can like or dislike posts even comment

Nagbook Horse Browser

View horses without an account. Search by name, filter by age, height, and if they're for sale or not!

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